adjective an·thoph·i·lous \an-ˈthä-fə-ləs\

Definition of anthophilous

  1. :  feeding upon or living among flowers anthophilous insects

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Did You Know?

Parrots love eucalyptus flowers. That's because anthophilous birds are naturally attracted to "ornithophilous" flowers-which is to say, flowers that are pollinated by birds. The "-philous" in both of those terms is the combining form that means "loving" (from Greek -philos). "Anthophilous" uses the Greek word anthos, meaning "flower," while "ornithophilous" traces back to Greek ornis, meaning "bird." "Ornithophilous" is one of a whole swarm of specialized words that identify flowers in terms of the flower-loving creatures that pollinate them. "Entomophilous" flowers, for example, are pollinated by anthophilous insects, such as bees. There's even a word specifically for plants that are pollinated by bees: "melittophilous" (from the Greek word melitta, meaning "bee").

Origin and Etymology of anthophilous

International Scientific Vocabulary, from Greek anthos + English -philous

First Known Use: 1845

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