a man/woman/person of substance

Definition of a man/woman/person of substance


  1. :  a person who is rich and powerful

Word by Word Definitions

  1. :  an individual human

    :  an adult male human

    :  husband

  1. :  to supply with people (as for service)

    :  to station members of a ship's crew at

    :  to serve in the force or complement of

  1. : manual

  1. :  an adult female person

    :  womankind

    :  distinctively feminine nature :  womanliness

  1. :  human, individual

    :  a character or part in or as if in a play :  guise

    :  one of the three modes of being in the Trinitarian Godhead as understood by Christians

  1. :  essential nature :  essence

    :  a fundamental or characteristic part or quality

    :  god

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