noun Val·ky·rie \ˈval-k(ə-)rēalso val-ˈkir-ē, val-ˈkī-rē,\

Definition of Valkyrie

  1. :  any of the maidens of Odin who choose the heroes to be slain in battle and conduct them to Valhalla

Origin and Etymology of valkyrie

borrowed from German & Old Norse; German Walküre, borrowed from Old Norse valkyrja, going back to Germanic *wala-kuzjōn- (whence Old English wælcyrige “war goddess, sorceress”), from *wala- (whence Old Norse valr “the slain,” Old English wæl) + -kuzjōn-, nominal derivative from the base of *keusan- “to choose” (whence Old English cēosan) — more at valhalla, choose

First Known Use: 1770

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