Rotary Club


Definition of Rotary Club

  1. :  an international organization of businesspeople who raise money to help the sick or poor in their local area

Word by Word Definitions

rotaryplay Rotary
  1. :  turning on an axis like a wheel

    :  taking place about an axis

    :  having an important part that turns on an axis

  1. :  a rotary machine

    :  a road junction formed around a central circle about which traffic moves in one direction only —called also circle, traffic circle

clubplay Club
  1. :  a heavy usually tapering staff especially of wood wielded as a weapon

    :  a stick or bat used to hit a ball in any of various games

    :  something resembling a club

  1. :  to beat or strike with or as if with a club

    :  to gather into a club-shaped mass

    :  to unite or combine for a common cause

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