geographical name Ma·cao \mə-ˈkau̇\\ˈau̇-ˈmən\
variants: or


\mə-ˈkau̇\play or Chinese



Definition of Macao

  1. 1 peninsula in the province of Guangdong, southeastern China, in the Xi River delta west of Hong Kong

  2. 2 special administrative region of southeastern China comprising Macao Peninsula and two small adjacent islands; formerly a Portuguese overseas territory with the city of Macao as its capital area 9.1 square miles (23.6 square kilometers), population 552,503 The economy of Macao is based to a large extent on casinos and tourism.

  3. 3 city in the special administrative region of Macao population 469,000


play \ˌmä-kə-ˈnēz, -ˈnēs\ noun

MACAO Defined for English Language Learners


geographical name Ma·cao \mə-ˈkau̇\\ˈau̇-ˈmən\

Definition of Macao for English Language Learners

  • : region of China

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