(as) daft as a brush

Definition of (as) daft as a brush

  1. :  very silly or somewhat crazy The professor is perfectly nice but she's daft as a brush.

Word by Word Definitions

  1. :  silly, foolish

    :  mad, insane

    :  frivolously merry

  1. :  brushwood

    :  scrub vegetation

    :  land covered with scrub vegetation

  1. :  a device composed of bristles typically set into a handle and used especially for sweeping, smoothing, scrubbing, or painting

    :  something resembling a brush: such as

    :  a bushy tail

  1. :  to apply a brush to

    :  to apply with a brush

    :  to remove with passing strokes (as of a brush)

  1. :  a brief encounter or skirmish

  1. :  to move lightly or heedlessly

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