(as) smooth as silk

Definition of (as) smooth as silk

  1. :  very smooth hair as smooth as silk

Word by Word Definitions

  1. :  having a continuous even surface

    :  being the representation of a function with a continuous first derivative

    :  having or being a short even coat of hair — compare rough, wirehaired

  1. :  to make smooth

    :  to free from what is harsh or disagreeable :  polish

    :  soothe

  1. :  a smooth part

    :  the act of smoothing

    :  a smoothing implement

  1. :  a fine continuous protein fiber produced by various insect larvae usually for cocoons

    :  a lustrous tough elastic fiber produced by silkworms and used for textiles

    :  thread, yarn, or fabric made from silk filaments

  1. :  to develop the silk

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