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Synonyms and Antonyms of vibration

  1. 1 a series of slight movements by a body back and forth or from side to side <the vibration of the floor caused by thundering feet in the hallway> Synonyms jiggling, oscillation, quivering, shaking, shivering, shuddering, trembling, twitching Related Words juddering [chiefly British], quaking, rocking; jiggle, palpitation, quiver, shake, shiver, shudder, tremble, tremor, twitch

  2. 2 often vibrations pl  a spiritual force that is held to emanate from or give animation to living beings <the Eastern holisitc philosophy that unhappy thoughts disrupt the vibrations from one's energy field, causing illness> Synonyms aura, chi (or ch'i also qi), ki, vibe(s), energy(s)Related Words inner light, light, nature, orgone, soul, spirit; élan vital, life, lifeblood, Shakti (also Sakti), world soul; karma, mana

  3. 3 usually vibrations pl  a special quality or impression associated with something <although the murders happened long ago, visitors to the house claim that it still gives off unsettling vibrations> Synonyms air, ambience (or ambiance), aroma, atmosphere, climate, flavor, halo, karma, mood, nimbus, note, odor, patina, smell, temper, aura(s)Related Words aureole (or aureola), mystique, romance; genius loci; feel, feeling, sensation, sense, spirit; attribute, character, characteristic, image, mark, notion, peculiarity, picture, property, trait; color, illusion, overtone, semblance, suggestion, tone

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