turn out

turn out


Definition of TURN OUT

to leave one's bed <we turn out early on workdays>
Related Words arouse, awake, awaken, bestir, stir, wake
Near Antonyms catnap, doze, drop off, lie up, nap, nod, rest, sleep, slumber, snooze; bunk, perch, roost, settle; couch, doss (down) [chiefly British], flop (down), lie (down), recline
Antonyms bed (down), retire, turn in
to remove the dirt from <it's our practice to turn out the room after guests stay over>
to drive or force out <angrily turned their adult son out of their home for using drugs>
Synonyms banish, boot (out), bounce, cast out, chase, dismiss, drum (out), expel, extrude, kick out, oust, out, rout, run off, throw out, turf (out) [chiefly British], turn out
to come to be <everything will turn out fine in the end>

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