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Synonyms and Antonyms of slavery

  1. 1 the state of being a slave <a child born into slavery was considered simply another addition to the master's wealth and property> Synonyms bondage, enslavement, servility, servitude, thrall, thralldom (or thraldom), yoke Related Words peonage, serfdom; dependence (also dependance), subjection, subjugation; captivity, enchainment, imprisonment, incarceration Near Antonyms emancipation, enfranchisement, liberation, manumission; autonomy, independence, self-government, sovereignty (also sovranty) Antonyms freedom, liberty

  2. 2 very hard or unpleasant work <endured the slavery of working in the coal mines every day of his adult life> Synonyms donkeywork, drudge, drudgery, fatigue, grind, labor, moil, {h,1}toil, sweat, travailRelated Words spadework; effort, exertion, pains, struggle, trouble; chore, duty, job, obligation, responsibility; routine, tedium, treadmillNear Antonyms decompression, ease, leisure, relaxation, repose, rest; amusement, dalliance, diversion, entertainment, recreation, sport; dormancy, idleness, inactivity, inertia, inertness; dallying, goldbricking, loafing, lolling, loungingAntonyms fun, play

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