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Synonyms and Antonyms of gut

  1. 1 guts pl  the internal organs of the body <the student dissected the frog and looked at its guts with a mixture of fascination and disgust> Synonyms entrails, innards, inside(s), inwards, viscera, vitals Related Words bowel(s), intestine(s); chitterlings (or chitlins), giblet(s), variety meat

  2. 2 guts pl  strength of mind to carry on in spite of danger <it took a lot of guts to rush into that burning building and save her cat> Synonyms bottle [British slang], bravery, courageousness, daring, daringness, dauntlessness, doughtiness, fearlessness, gallantry, greatheartedness, guts, gutsiness, hardihood, heart, heroism, intestinal fortitude, intrepidity, intrepidness, moxie, nerve, pecker [chiefly British], prowess, stoutness, valor, virtueRelated Words backbone, fiber, fortitude, grit, gumption, mettle, pluck, pluckiness, spunk, temper; determination, perseverance, resolution; endurance, stamina, stomach, tenacity; audacity, boldness, brazenness, cheek, cojones [slang], effrontery, gall, temerityNear Antonyms cold feet, faintheartedness, fearfulness, mousiness, timidity, timorousness; feebleness, softness, weakness; impotence, ineffectualness; hesitation, indecision, indecisiveness, irresolutionAntonyms cowardice, cowardliness, cravenness, dastardliness, poltroonery, spinelessness

  3. 3 guts pl  the strength of mind that enables a person to endure pain or hardship <had the guts to keep running the race even though she felt like quitting> Synonyms backbone, constancy, fiber, grit, grittiness, guts, intestinal fortitude, pluck, spunkRelated Words determination, purposefulness, resoluteness, resolution; bravery, courage, courageousness, daring, dauntlessness, doughtiness, fearlessness, gallantry, greatheartedness, intrepidity, intrepidness, nerve, stoutness, valor; endurance, forbearance, stamina, sufferance, tolerance; heart, mettle, spirit; audacity, boldness, brass, cheek, chutzpah (also chutzpa or hutzpah or hutzpa), effrontery, gall, hardihood, nerve, nerviness, temerityNear Antonyms indecisiveness, irresoluteness, irresolution, vacillation; cowardice, cowardliness, cravenness, dastardliness, faintheartedness, pusillanimity, timidity, timorousnessAntonyms spinelessness

  4. 4 the part of the body between the chest and the pelvis <eating too many french fries will result in a substantial gut> Synonyms abdomen, belly, breadbasket [slang], stomach, solar plexus, tummyRelated Words middle, midriff, waist; paunch, potbelly; thorax

  5. 5 an enlarged or bulging abdomen <an ever-expanding gut was sorry evidence that she had been neglecting her workouts> Synonyms bay window, beer belly, belly, corporation, potbelly, paunch, potRelated Words breadbasket [slang], stomach, tummy; chubbiness, corpulence, fat, fatness, fleshiness, obesity, overweight, paunchiness, plumpness, portliness, pudginess; chunkiness, heaviness, stoutness

  6. 6 the seat of one's deepest thoughts and emotions <the film packs an emotional wallop that the viewer will feel in his gut> Synonyms belly, blood, bone(s), bosom, breast, core, heart, heartstrings, inner space, inside, quick, soulRelated Words conscience, mind



Synonyms and Antonyms of gut

  1. to take the internal organs out of <you'll need to gut the fish and wash it out before you can cook it> Synonyms clean, disembowel, draw, eviscerate Related Words bone, dress; cut, excise, extract, remove, withdraw, yank; transplant

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