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come out


Synonyms and Antonyms of come out

  1. 1 to come to be <in the end everything came out OK> Synonyms fall out, pan out, prove, shake out, turn out Related Words develop, emerge, evolve, germinate, play out, unfold, work out

  2. 2 to come into view <come out, come out wherever you are!> Synonyms appear, materialize, show, show up, turn up, unfoldRelated Words reappear, resurface; bulk, loom; arrive, come; dawn, debut; arise, blossom, bob (up), break, break out, crop (up), emerge, erupt, issue, outcrop, rise, shoot (up), spring (up), surface; happen, occur; reappear, rematerializeNear Antonyms depart, leave, retire, withdrawAntonyms clear, disappear, dissolve, evanesce, evaporate, fade, go (away), melt (away), vanish

  3. 3 to become known <if the truth of his sexuality ever came out, the actor's career would be ruined> Synonyms break, circulate, get out, get about, get around, get round, leak (out), out, spreadRelated Words develop, transpire, unfold; disclose, reveal, spill, tellNear Antonyms hush (up), suppress; conceal, disguise, hide, mask; secrete

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