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Synonyms and Antonyms of card

  1. 1 a list of foods served at or available for a meal <the diners asked if there were any specials on the card for the evening> Synonyms menuRelated Words chow, chuck [chiefly West], cuisine, fare, grub, provender, table

  2. 2 a person (as a writer) noted for or specializing in humor <you're really a card, but save the jokes for after class> Synonyms humorist, comedian, comic, droll, farceur, funnyman, gagger, gagman, gagster, jester, joker, jokester, wag, witRelated Words comedienne, entertainer; banterer, cutup, kidder, knockabout, practical joker, prankster, quipper, quipster, teaser, wisecracker; buffoon, clown, fool, harlequin, zany; caricaturist, lampooner, parodist, satirist

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in the capacity or character of

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