noun \ˈkōm\

: a flat piece of plastic or metal with a row of thin teeth that is used for making hair neat

: a device that is used for separating or straightening fibers (such as wool fibers)

: a soft part on top of the head of some birds (such as chickens)

Full Definition of COMB

a :  a toothed instrument used especially for adjusting, cleaning, or confining hair
b :  a structure resembling such a comb; especially :  any of several toothed devices used in handling or ordering textile fibers
c :  currycomb
a :  a fleshy crest on the head of the domestic chicken and other domestic birds
b :  something (as the ridge of a roof) resembling the comb of a cock
:  honeycomb
combed \ˈkōmd\ adjective
comb·like \ˈkōm-ˌlīk\ adjective

Origin of COMB

Middle English, from Old English camb; akin to Old High German kamb comb, Greek gomphos tooth
First Known Use: before 12th century

Other Fashion Terms

bodkin, chignon, cowlick, eau de toilette, imperial, pocket, pomander, tonsorial

Rhymes with COMB



: to smooth, arrange, or separate (hair or fibers) with a comb

: to search (something) very thoroughly in order to find something

Full Definition of COMB

transitive verb
:  to draw a comb through for the purpose of arranging or cleaning
:  to pass across with a scraping or raking action
a :  to eliminate (as with a comb) by a thorough going-over
b :  to search or examine systematically <police are combing the city>
:  to use in a combing action
intransitive verb
of a wave or its crest :  to roll over or break into foam
:  to make a thorough search <comb through the classified ads>

Examples of COMB

  1. He combed back his hair.
  2. The wool is combed before being spun into yarn.
  3. We combed the beach for shells.

First Known Use of COMB

14th century



Definition of COMB

May 27, 2015
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