noun cat·a·log \ˈka-tə-ˌlg, -ˌläg\

: a book containing a list of things that you can buy, use, etc., and often pictures

: a group of similar or related things

Full Definition of CATALOG

:  list, register
a :  a complete enumeration of items arranged systematically with descriptive details
b :  a pamphlet or book that contains such a list
c :  material in such a list

Variants of CATALOG

cat·a·log or cat·a·logue \ˈka-tə-ˌlg, -ˌläg\

Examples of CATALOG

  1. The band played many songs from their catalog of hits.
  2. <a catalog of music album titles>

Origin of CATALOG

Middle English cathaloge, cateloge, from Middle French catalogue, from Late Latin catalogus, from Greek katalogos, from katalegein to list, enumerate, from kata- + legein to gather, speak — more at legend
First Known Use: 15th century



: to list or describe (something) in an organized way

cataloged or cataloguedcatalog·ing or catalogu·ing

Full Definition of CATALOG

transitive verb
:  to make a catalog of
a :  to enter in a catalog
b :  to classify (as books or information) descriptively
intransitive verb
:  to make or work on a catalog
:  to become listed in a catalog at a specified price <this stamp catalogs at $2>
cat·a·log·er or cat·a·logu·er noun

Variants of CATALOG

catalog or catalogue

Examples of CATALOG

  1. They use the computer to catalog books.
  2. The chart catalogs the results of each test.

First Known Use of CATALOG

May 27, 2015
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