Synonyms and Antonyms of BUG

a person with a strong and habitual liking for something <a camera bug who loves taking candid shots at fairs and festivals>
Synonyms addict, aficionado (also afficionado), buff, bug, devotee, enthusiast, fanatic, fancier, fiend, fool, freak, habitué (also habitue), head, hound, junkie (also junky), lover, maniac, maven (also mavin), nut, sucker
Antonyms nonfan
an abnormal state that disrupts a plant's or animal's normal bodily functioning <I can't go to work today because I've caught some bug that's going around>
Antonyms health, wellness
a person judged to be legally or medically insane <a bug with a fascination for tormenting small animals and setting fires>
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