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Synonyms and Antonyms of critic

  1. 1 a person given to harsh judgments and to finding faults <the president's hard-core critics are going to attack him no matter what he does> Synonyms carper, castigator, caviler (or caviller), censurer, criticizer, disparager, faultfinder, hypercritic, knocker, niggler, nitpicker Related Words condemner (or condemnor), denouncer; belittler, decrier, denigrator, derider, detractor; assailant, attacker, crucifier; criticaster, hairsplitter, pettifogger, quibbler; admonisher, haranguer, railer, ranter, rebuker, reproacher, reprover, scold, upbraider; bellyacher, complainer, crybaby, fusser, griper, grouch, grouser, grumbler, whiner Near Antonyms commender, praiser

  2. 2 a person who makes or expresses a judgment on the quality of offerings in some field of endeavor <the restaurant critic said that the fries at that fast-food outlet were the worst she'd ever eaten> Synonyms pundit, reviewer Related Words analyst, annotator, columnist, commentator, observer; appraiser, evaluator, judge, referee

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