Medical Dictionary


verb re·duce \ri-ˈd(y)üs\

Medical Definition of REDUCE

transitive verb
:  to correct (as a fracture or a herniated mass) by bringing displaced or broken parts back into their normal positions
a :  to bring to the metallic state by removal of nonmetallic elements <reduce an ore by heat> b :  deoxidize c :  to combine with or subject to the action of hydrogen d (1) :  to change (an element or ion) from a higher to a lower oxidation state (2) :  to add one or more electrons to (an atom or ion or molecule)
intransitive verb
:  to become diminished or lessened; especially :  to lose weight by dieting
:  to become reduced <ferrous iron reduces to ferric iron>
:  to undergo meiosis
May 05, 2015
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