adjective \ˈwīd\

: extending a great distance from one side to the other : not narrow

: measured from side to side : having a specified width

: opened as far as possible


Full Definition of WIDE

a :  having great extent :  vast <a wide area>
b :  extending over a vast area :  extensive <a wide reputation>
c :  extending throughout a specified area or scope —usually used in combination <nationwide> <industry-wide>
d :  comprehensive, inclusive <a wide assortment>
a :  having a specified extension from side to side <3 feet wide>
b :  having much extent between the sides :  broad <a wide doorway>
c :  fully opened <wide-eyed>
d :  lax 4
a :  extending or fluctuating considerably between limits <a wide variation>
b :  straying or deviating from something specified —used with of <the accusation was wide of the truth>
of an animal ration :  relatively rich in carbohydrate as compared with protein
wide·ness noun

Examples of WIDE

  1. the widest part of the river
  2. The desk is three feet wide.
  3. How wide is the doorway?
  4. Her eyes were wide with wonder.
  5. We have a wide range of options.
  6. a job calling for wide experience
  7. The election received wide news coverage.

Origin of WIDE

Middle English, from Old English wīd; akin to Old High German wīt wide
First Known Use: before 12th century



: at a great distance

: to the side of something by a large distance

: to the fullest extent : as fully as possible


Full Definition of WIDE

a :  over a great distance or extent :  widely <searched far and wide>
b :  over a specified distance, area, or extent —usually used in combination <expanded the business country-wide>
a :  so as to leave much space or distance between <placed wide apart>
b :  so as to pass at or clear by a considerable distance <ran wide around left end>
:  to the fullest extent :  completely, fully <wide open>

Examples of WIDE

  1. The poles were placed wide apart.
  2. He opened his eyes wide.
  3. They spread the map out wide.
  4. His mouth was wide open.
  5. They like to hike through wide open spaces.

First Known Use of WIDE

before 12th century


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