adjective whole·heart·ed \ˈhōl-ˈhär-təd\

: having or showing no doubt or uncertainty about doing something, supporting someone, etc.

Full Definition of WHOLEHEARTED

:  completely and sincerely devoted, determined, or enthusiastic <a wholehearted student of social problems>
:  marked by complete earnest commitment :  free from all reserve or hesitation <gave the proposal wholehearted approval>
whole·heart·ed·ly adverb


  1. The judges gave us their wholehearted approval.
  2. <wholehearted praise for the novel by the leading critics>

First Known Use of WHOLEHEARTED


Synonym Discussion of WHOLEHEARTED

sincere, wholehearted, heartfelt, hearty, unfeigned mean genuine in feeling. sincere stresses absence of hypocrisy, feigning, or any falsifying embellishment or exaggeration <a sincere apology>. wholehearted suggests sincerity and earnest devotion without reservation or misgiving <promised our wholehearted support>. heartfelt suggests depth of genuine feeling outwardly expressed <expresses our heartfelt gratitude>. hearty suggests honesty, warmth, and exuberance in displaying feeling <received a hearty welcome>. unfeigned stresses spontaneity and absence of pretense <her unfeigned delight at receiving the award>.
WHOLEHEARTED Defined for Kids


adjective whole·heart·ed \ˈhōl-ˈhär-təd\

Definition of WHOLEHEARTED for Kids

:  not holding back <a wholehearted effort>
whole·heart·ed·ly adverb


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