adjective \ˈthik\

: having a large distance between the top and bottom or front and back surfaces : not thin

: having a specified distance from one surface to the opposite surface : having a specified thickness

: having parts that are close together

Full Definition of THICK

a :  having or being of relatively great depth or extent from one surface to its opposite <a thick plank>
b :  heavily built :  thickset
a :  close-packed with units or individuals <the air was thick with snow>
b :  occurring in large numbers :  numerous
c :  viscous in consistency <thick syrup>
d :  sultry, stuffy
e :  marked by haze, fog, or mist <thick weather>
f :  impenetrable to the eye :  profound <thick darkness>
g :  extremely intense <thick silence>
:  measuring in thickness <12 inches thick>
a :  imperfectly articulated :  indistinct <thick speech>
b :  plainly apparent :  decided <a thick French accent>
c :  producing inarticulate speech <a thick tongue>
:  obtuse, stupid <too thick to understand>
:  associated on close terms :  intimate <was quite thick with his pastor>
:  exceeding bounds of propriety or fitness :  excessive <called it a bit thick to be fired without warning>
thick·ish \ˈthi-kish\ adjective
thick·ly adverb
thick on the ground

Examples of THICK

  1. a thick layer of ice
  2. a thick slice of ham
  3. pizza with a thick crust
  4. a bodybuilder with a thick, short body
  5. The planks were two inches thick.
  6. The log was 12 inches thick.
  7. The recipe calls for one cup of mushrooms sliced {frac1 inch thick.
  8. a dog with thick fur
  9. She has thick, curly hair.
  10. The fog was thick this morning.

Origin of THICK

Middle English thikke, from Old English thicce; akin to Old High German dicki thick, Old Irish tiug
First Known Use: before 12th century

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: in a way that makes thick pieces, layers, etc.

: in great numbers

Full Definition of THICK

:  in a thick manner :  thickly

Examples of THICK

  1. Apples hung thick on the trees.

First Known Use of THICK

before 12th century



Definition of THICK

:  the most crowded or active part <in the thick of the battle>
:  the part of greatest thickness <the thick of the thumb>

Examples of THICK

  1. <in the thick of winter many Northerners are dreaming of tropical islands>

First Known Use of THICK

13th century

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