noun \ˈmidst, ˈmitst\

: the middle area or part of something

: the period of time when something is happening or being done

—used to say that someone is among the people in a group

Full Definition of MIDST

:  the interior or central part or point :  middle <in the midst of the forest>
:  a position of proximity to the members of a group <a traitor in our midst>
:  the condition of being surrounded or beset <in the midst of his troubles>
:  a period of time about the middle of a continuing act or condition <in the midst of a meal>
midst preposition

Examples of MIDST

  1. The river passes through the midst of the city.
  2. a bustling city in the midst of the desert
  3. We are in the midst of a terrible war.
  4. They were in the midst of remodeling their house.
  5. The region is currently in the midst of a terrible drought.
  6. We never gave up hope in the midst of our troubles.

Origin of MIDST

Middle English middest, alteration of middes, short for amiddes amid
First Known Use: 15th century

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