noun, often attributive \ˈtab\

: a small, flat piece on a box, envelope, etc., that can be put into a hole in order to hold two parts together

: a small, flat piece that sticks out from the edge of something (such as a folder) and allows you to identify and find it easily

: a small piece of metal, plastic, etc., that is pulled in order to open or close something

Full Definition of TAB

a :  a short projecting device: as (1) :  a small flap or loop by which something may be grasped or pulled (2) :  a projection from a card used as an aid in filing
b :  a small insert, addition, or remnant
c :  appendage, extension; especially :  one of a series of small pendants forming a decorative border or edge of a garment
d :  a small auxiliary airfoil hinged to a control surface (as a trailing edge) to help stabilize an airplane in flight — see airplane illustration
[partly short for 1table; partly from sense 1]
a :  close surveillance :  watch <keep tabs on trends>
b :  a creditor's statement :  bill, check
c :  cost <the tab for the new program>
[by shortening]
a :  tabloid
b :  tablet
[short for tabulator] :  a key on a keyboard especially for arranging data in columns

Examples of TAB

  1. Insert the tab into this slot to close the box.
  2. a notebook with index tabs
  3. The tab on the zipper is broken.
  4. He ran up a $200 bar tab.
  5. He put the drinks on his tab.

Origin of TAB

origin unknown
First Known Use: 1607

Rhymes with TAB


transitive verb

: to put a small, identifying label (called a tab) on something

: to say that (someone or something) will do something or have a particular role or purpose

: to hit the tab key on a computer or typewriter


Full Definition of TAB

:  to furnish or ornament with tabs
:  to single out :  designate
:  tabulate

Examples of TAB

  1. After you type your name in the first box, you can move to the next box by tabbing.

First Known Use of TAB

TABBING Defined for Kids


noun \ˈtab\

Definition of TAB for Kids

:  a short flap or tag attached to something for filing, pulling, or hanging
:  a careful watch <Let's keep tabs on the weather.>
Medical Dictionary


noun \ˈtab\

Medical Definition of TAB

:  tablet


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