noun tab·let \ˈta-blət\

: a flat piece of stone, clay, or wood that has writing on it

: a small usually round piece of medicine

: a set of paper sheets for writing or drawing that are glued or fastened at one edge

Full Definition of TABLET

a :  a flat slab or plaque suited for or bearing an inscription
b :  a thin slab or one of a set of portable sheets used for writing
c :  pad 4
a :  a compressed or molded block of a solid material
b :  a small mass of medicated material <an aspirin tablet>
a :  graphics tablet
b :  a mobile computing device that has a flat, rectangular form like that of a magazine or pad of paper, that is usually controlled by means of a touch screen, and that is typically used for accessing the Internet, watching videos, reading electronic books, etc.

Examples of TABLET

  1. <you'll need to use your writing tablet to record all the information that the real estate agent is likely to reel off>
  2. <take two tablets of the medication every eight hours>

Origin of TABLET

Middle English tablett, from Anglo-French tablet, diminutive of table table
First Known Use: 14th century

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TABLET Defined for Kids


noun tab·let \ˈta-blət\

Definition of TABLET for Kids

:  a thin flat slab used for writing, painting, or drawing
:  a number of sheets of writing paper glued together at one edge
:  a small usually round mass of material containing medicine <aspirin tablets>
Medical Dictionary


noun tab·let \ˈtab-lət\

Medical Definition of TABLET

:  a small mass of medicated material (as in the shape of a disk) <an aspirin tablet>


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