intransitive verb \ˈstrīv\

: to try very hard to do or achieve something

strove \ˈstrōv\ also strived \ˈstrīvd\ striv·en \ˈstri-vən\ or strivedstriv·ing \ˈstrī-viŋ\

Full Definition of STRIVE

:  to devote serious effort or energy :  endeavor <strive to finish a project>
:  to struggle in opposition :  contend
striv·er \ˈstrī-vər\ noun

Examples of STRIVE

  1. We must all strive to do better.
  2. She always strives for perfection.
  3. They continue to strive toward their goals.

Origin of STRIVE

Middle English, to quarrel, contend, fight, endeavor, from Anglo-French estriver to quarrel, from estri, estrif strife — more at strife
First Known Use: 13th century

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