noun \ˈpeg\

: a small piece of wood, metal, or other material that is used to hold or fasten things or to hang things on

: a wooden piece in a musical instrument (such as a violin) that is turned to tighten or loosen a string

Full Definition of PEG

a :  a small usually cylindrical pointed or tapered piece (as of wood) used to pin down or fasten things or to fit into or close holes :  pin, plug
b British :  clothespin
c :  a predetermined level at which something (as a price) is fixed
a :  a projecting piece used as a support or boundary marker
b :  something (as a fact or issue) used as a support, pretext, or reason <a news peg for the story>
a :  one of the movable wooden pegs set in the head of a stringed instrument (as a violin) that are turned to regulate the pitch of the strings — see violin illustration
b :  a step or degree especially in estimation
:  a pointed prong or claw for catching or tearing
British :  drink <poured himself out a stiff peg — Dorothy Sayers>
:  something (as a leg) resembling a peg
:  throw; especially :  a hard throw in baseball made in an attempt to put out a base runner

Examples of PEG

  1. Her coat hung on a peg by the door.
  2. <took the arrogant student down a peg>

Origin of PEG

Middle English pegge, probably from Middle Dutch
First Known Use: 15th century

Rhymes with PEG



: to fasten (something) with pegs

: to put a peg into (something)

: to keep (something, such as a price) at a particular level or rate


Full Definition of PEG

transitive verb
a :  to put a peg into
b British :  to pin (laundry) on a clothesline
:  to attach or fix as if with a peg: as
a :  to pin down :  restrict
b :  to fix or hold (as prices or wage increases) at a predetermined level or rate
c :  to place in a definite category :  identify <was pegged as an intellectual>
:  to mark by pegs
:  throw
intransitive verb
:  to work steadily and diligently —often used with away
:  to move along vigorously or hastily :  hustle

Examples of PEG

  1. Is the tent pegged down all the way?
  2. peg the price of wheat at its current level
  3. His bonus is pegged to how many sales he makes each year for the company.

First Known Use of PEG




Definition of PEG

:  wide at the top and narrow at the bottom <peg pants>

Variants of PEG

peg or pegged

First Known Use of PEG




Definition of PEG

polyethylene glycol

Other Biochemistry Terms

bile, biodegradable, capsaicin, keratin, metabolism
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