adjective stand·ing \ˈstan-diŋ\

: used in or for standing

: done while in a standing position

: not flowing

Full Definition of STANDING

a :  not yet cut or harvested <standing timber> <standing grain>
b :  upright on the feet or base :  erect <the standing audience>
:  not flowing :  stagnant <standing water>
a :  remaining at the same level, degree, or amount for an indeterminate period <a standing offer>
b :  continuing in existence or use indefinitely <a standing joke>
:  established by law or custom
:  not movable
:  done from a standing position <a standing jump> <a standing ovation>

Examples of STANDING

  1. Start the exercise in a standing position.
  2. The standing offer for the computer system is $1,499.

First Known Use of STANDING

14th century

Rhymes with STANDING



: the position or rank of someone in a group

standings sports : a list that shows the positions of the players or teams that are competing against each other

: length of existence

Full Definition of STANDING

a :  a place to stand in :  location
b :  a position from which one may assert or enforce legal rights and duties
a :  length of service or experience especially as determining rank, pay, or privilege
b :  position or condition in society or in a profession; especially :  good reputation <a member in good standing>
c :  position relative to a standard of achievement or to achievements of competitors; also plural :  a listing of the standings of individuals or teams (as in a league)
:  maintenance of position or condition :  duration <a custom of long standing>

Examples of STANDING

  1. a lawyer of high standing
  2. They've won five games in a row and are starting to move up in the standings.
  3. They're in first place in the current standings.
  4. a marriage of many years' standing

First Known Use of STANDING

15th century


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