noun \ˈlan-diŋ\

: an act of returning to the ground or another surface after a flight

: a level area at the top of stairs or between two sets of stairs

: a place where boats and ships load and unload passengers and cargo

Full Definition of LANDING

:  an act or process of one that lands; especially :  a going or bringing to a surface (as land or shore) after a voyage or flight
:  a place for discharging and taking on passengers and cargo
:  a level part of a staircase (as at the end of a flight of stairs)
plural :  the amount of fish or shellfish landed annually in a particular area

Examples of LANDING

  1. The plane made a smooth landing.
  2. The helicopter had to make an emergency landing.
  3. The pilot was practicing takeoffs and landings.
  4. Landing in high winds can be dangerous.
  5. Our plane was cleared for landing.
  6. We stopped to rest at the first floor landing.
  7. I waited at the landing for the ferry.

First Known Use of LANDING

15th century

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