verb \ˈstān\

: to leave a mark on something

: to be marked or damaged by a stain

: to use a special liquid to change the color of (something)

Full Definition of STAIN

transitive verb
:  to suffuse with color
:  discolor, soil
a :  taint 3 <a conscience stained with guilt>
b :  to bring discredit on <the scandal stained his reputation>
:  to color (as wood, glass, or cloth) by processes affecting chemically or otherwise the material itself
intransitive verb
:  to receive a stain
stain·able \ˈstā-nə-bəl\ adjective
stain·er \ˈstā-nər\ noun

Examples of STAIN

  1. The red wine stained the carpet.
  2. He stained the wood a dark cherry color.
  3. The accusations stained his reputation.

Origin of STAIN

Middle English steynen, partly from Anglo-French desteindre to take away the color from & partly of Scandinavian origin; akin to Old Norse steina to paint — more at distain
First Known Use: 14th century



: a mark made on a surface, a piece of clothing, etc., that is very hard or impossible to remove

: a special liquid that is used to change the color of something (such as wood or cloth)

: something that causes people to have less respect for someone : something that damages a person's reputation

Full Definition of STAIN

a :  a soiled or discolored spot
b :  a natural spot of color contrasting with the ground
:  a taint of guilt :  stigma
:  a preparation (as of dye or pigment) used in staining: as
a :  a dye or pigment capable of penetrating the pores of wood
b :  a dye or mixture of dyes used in microscopy to make visible minute and transparent structures, to differentiate tissue elements, or to produce specific chemical reactions
stain·proof \-ˌprüf\ adjective

Examples of STAIN

  1. There's a juice stain on the floor.
  2. She has a stain on her shirt.
  3. Will those grass stains wash out?

First Known Use of STAIN



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