adjective splen·did \ˈsplen-dəd\

: very impressive and beautiful

: very good

Full Definition of SPLENDID

:  possessing or displaying splendor: as
a :  shining, brilliant
b :  marked by showy magnificence
a :  excellent <a splendid opportunity>
b :  being out of the ordinary :  singular
splen·did·ly adverb
splen·did·ness noun

Examples of SPLENDID

  1. We have a splendid opportunity to do something really useful.
  2. I have some splendid news.
  3. We'll be coming out to visit over the summer. Oh, splendid!

Origin of SPLENDID

Latin splendidus, from splendēre to shine; perhaps akin to Middle Irish lainn bright
First Known Use: 1624

Synonym Discussion of SPLENDID

splendid, resplendent, gorgeous, glorious, sublime, superb mean extraordinarily or transcendently impressive. splendid implies outshining the usual or customary <the wedding was a splendid occasion>. resplendent suggests a glowing or blazing splendor <resplendent in her jewelry>. gorgeous implies a rich splendor especially in display of color <a gorgeous red dress>. glorious suggests radiance that heightens beauty or distinction <a glorious sunset>. sublime implies an exaltation or elevation almost beyond human comprehension <a vision of sublime beauty>. superb suggests an excellence reaching the highest conceivable degree <her singing was superb>.

Rhymes with SPLENDID

SPLENDID Defined for Kids


adjective splen·did \ˈsplen-dəd\

Definition of SPLENDID for Kids

:  impressive in beauty, excellence, or magnificence <You did a splendid job.> <a splendid palace>
:  having or showing splendor :  brilliant <… I knew I would never again see anything so splendid as the round red sun coming up … — Jean Craighead George, My Side of the Mountain>
:  excellent <We had a splendid time.>
splen·did·ly adverb

Synonym Discussion of SPLENDID

splendid, glorious, and superb mean very impressive. splendid is used for something far above the ordinary in excellence or magnificence. <What a splendid idea!> <She wore a splendid jewel.> glorious is used for something that is radiant with light or beauty. <I watched the glorious sunset.> superb is used of the highest possible point of magnificence or excellence. <The food was superb.>


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