adjective re·splen·dent \-dənt\

: very bright and attractive

Full Definition of RESPLENDENT

:  shining brilliantly :  characterized by a glowing splendor <meadows resplendent with wildflowers — Outdoor World>
re·splen·dent·ly adverb


  1. The fields were resplendent with flowers.
  2. She looked resplendent in her green evening gown.
  3. a bird with resplendent yellow feathers


Middle English, from Latin resplendent-, resplendens, present participle of resplendēre to shine back, from re- + splendēre to shine — more at splendid
First Known Use: 15th century

Synonym Discussion of RESPLENDENT

splendid, resplendent, gorgeous, glorious, sublime, superb mean extraordinarily or transcendently impressive. splendid implies outshining the usual or customary <the wedding was a splendid occasion>. resplendent suggests a glowing or blazing splendor <resplendent in her jewelry>. gorgeous implies a rich splendor especially in display of color <a gorgeous red dress>. glorious suggests radiance that heightens beauty or distinction <a glorious sunset>. sublime implies an exaltation or elevation almost beyond human comprehension <a vision of sublime beauty>. superb suggests an excellence reaching the highest conceivable degree <her singing was superb>.
RESPLENDENT Defined for Kids


adjective re·splen·dent \ri-ˈsplen-dənt\

Definition of RESPLENDENT for Kids

:  shining brightly :  splendid
re·splen·dent·ly adverb


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