adjective bril·liant \ˈbril-yənt\

: very bright : flashing with light

: very impressive or successful

: extremely intelligent : much more intelligent than most people

Full Definition of BRILLIANT

:  very bright :  glittering <a brilliant light>
a :  striking, distinctive <a brilliant example>
b :  distinguished by unusual mental keenness or alertness
British :  very good :  excellent
bril·liant·ly adverb

Examples of BRILLIANT

  1. a brilliant star in the sky
  2. a store decorated in brilliant colors
  3. He pitched a brilliant game.
  4. She gave a brilliant performance.
  5. She has a brilliant mind.


French brillant, present participle of briller to shine, from Italian brillare
First Known Use: 1696

Synonym Discussion of BRILLIANT

bright, brilliant, radiant, luminous, lustrous mean shining or glowing with light. bright implies emitting or reflecting a high degree of light. brilliant implies intense often sparkling brightness. radiant stresses the emission or seeming emission of rays of light. luminous implies emission of steady, suffused, glowing light by reflection or in surrounding darkness. lustrous stresses an even, rich light from a surface that reflects brightly without glittering.



Definition of BRILLIANT

:  a gem (as a diamond) cut in a particular form with numerous facets so as to have special brilliance

Examples of BRILLIANT

  1. <the diamond cutter set out an array of brilliants to show the various ways the diamond could be cut>

Illustration of BRILLIANT

First Known Use of BRILLIANT


Other Jewelry Terms

bijou, chase, facet, lapidary, paste
BRILLIANT Defined for Kids


adjective bril·liant \ˈbril-yənt\

Definition of BRILLIANT for Kids

:  flashing with light :  very bright <brilliant jewels>
:  very impressive <a brilliant career>
:  very smart or clever <a brilliant student>
bril·liant·ly adverb
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