noun \ˈsnat\

: the long nose of some animals (such as pigs)

: the nose of a person

Full Definition of SNOUT

a (1) :  a long projecting nose (as of a swine) (2) :  an anterior prolongation of the head of various animals (as a weevil) :  rostrum
b :  the human nose especially when large or grotesque
:  something resembling an animal's snout in position, function, or shape: as
a :  prow
b :  nozzle
c :  the terminal face of a glacier
snout·ed \ˈsna-təd\ adjective
snout·ish \-tish\ adjective
snouty \-tē\ adjective

Examples of SNOUT

  1. The dog raised his snout and sniffed.
  2. a punch in the snout

Origin of SNOUT

Middle English snute; akin to Middle Dutch snūt snout, German Schnauze
First Known Use: 13th century

Related to SNOUT

beak, conk [chiefly British slang], honker [slang], neb, nozzle [slang], proboscis, schnoz (or schnozz) [slang], schnozzle [slang], smeller, snoot, nose


noun \ˈsnat\   (Medical Dictionary)

Medical Definition of SNOUT

: a long projecting nose (as of a swine)


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