noun \ˈräs-trəm also ˈrs-\

: a small raised platform on a stage

plural ros·tra \-trə\ or rostrums

Full Definition of ROSTRUM

[Latin Rostra, plural, a platform for speakers in the Roman Forum decorated with the beaks of captured ships, from plural of rostrum]
a :  an ancient Roman platform for public orators
b :  a stage for public speaking
c :  a raised platform on a stage
:  the curved end of a ship's prow; especially :  the beak of a war galley
:  a bodily part or process suggesting a bird's bill: as
a :  the beak, snout, or proboscis of any of various insects or arachnids
b :  the often spinelike anterior median prolongation of the carapace of a crustacean (as a crayfish or lobster)

Examples of ROSTRUM

  1. <stood on a rostrum to address the huge crowd>

Origin of ROSTRUM

Latin, beak, ship's beak, from rodere to gnaw — more at rodent
First Known Use: 1542

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Other Performing Arts Terms

diva, dramaturgy, loge, prestidigitation, proscenium, supernumerary, zany

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noun \ˈräs-trəm also ˈrs-\   (Medical Dictionary)
plural rostrums or ros·tra \-trə\

Medical Definition of ROSTRUM

: a bodily part or process suggesting a bird's bill: as a : the reflected anterior portion of the corpus callosum below the genu b : the interior median spine of the body of the basisphenoid bone articulating with the vomer


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