noun \ˈnä-zəl\

: a short tube that is put on the end of a hose or pipe to control the way a liquid or gas flows out

Full Definition of NOZZLE

a :  a projecting vent of something
b :  a short tube with a taper or constriction used (as on a hose) to speed up or direct a flow of fluid
c :  a part in a rocket engine that accelerates the exhaust gases from the combustion chamber to a high velocity
slang :  nose

Examples of NOZZLE

  1. <in this classic film noir, a private eye gets his nozzle sliced when he starts poking it into places where it's not welcome>

Origin of NOZZLE

diminutive of nose
First Known Use: 1683

Related to NOZZLE

beak, conk [chiefly British slang], honker [slang], neb, nose [slang], proboscis, schnoz (or schnozz) [slang], schnozzle [slang], smeller, snoot, snout

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