verb \ˈslīs\

: to cut something with a sharp object (such as a knife)

: to cut (something) into pieces or slices

: to make (something) smaller by removing part of it


Full Definition of SLICE

transitive verb
:  to cut with or as if with a knife
:  to stir or spread with a slice
:  to hit (a ball) so that a slice results
:  interpret, construe —used in phrases like any way you slice it
intransitive verb
:  to slice something
:  to move with a cutting action <the ship sliced through the waves>
slice·able \ˈslī-sə-bəl\ adjective
slic·er noun

Examples of SLICE

  1. She sliced the lemon in half.
  2. He sliced open his finger while cleaning the fish.
  3. The knife sliced through the cake easily.

Origin of SLICE

Middle English sklicen, from Anglo-French esclicer to splinter, of Germanic origin; akin to Old High German slīzan to tear apart — more at slit
First Known Use: 1551



: a thin piece of food that is cut from something larger

: a piece that is cut from a pie, cake, etc.

: a piece that is cut from a piece of fruit

Full Definition of SLICE

a :  a thin flat piece cut from something
b :  a wedge-shaped piece (as of pie or cake)
:  a spatula for spreading paint or ink
:  a serving knife with wedge-shaped blade <a fish slice>
:  a flight of a ball that deviates from a straight course in the direction of the dominant hand of the player propelling it; also :  a ball following such a course — compare hook
a :  portion, share
b :  segment, sample

Examples of SLICE

  1. thin slices of roast beef
  2. The Fourth of July parade was a real slice of Americana.
  3. He hit a slice into the right rough.

Origin of SLICE

Middle English sclise, slise, from Anglo-French esclice splinter, from esclicer
First Known Use: 1613


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