noun \ˈspīs\

: a substance (such as pepper or nutmeg) that is used in cooking to add flavor to food and that comes from a dried plant and is usually a powder or seed

: something that adds interest or excitement

Full Definition of SPICE

:  any of various aromatic vegetable products (as pepper or nutmeg) used to season or flavor foods
a archaic :  a small portion, quantity, or admixture :  dash
b :  something that gives zest or relish <variety's the very spice of life — William Cowper>
:  a pungent or fragrant odor :  perfume
spice·less \-ləs\ adjective

Examples of SPICE

  1. The soup needs a little more spice.
  2. <a cologne for men that captures all of the spice of the sea>

Origin of SPICE

Middle English, from Anglo-French espece, espis, from Late Latin species product, wares, drugs, spices, from Latin, appearance, species — more at species
First Known Use: 13th century


transitive verb

: to flavor (food) with spices

: to add interest or excitement to (something)


Full Definition of SPICE

:  to season with spices
:  to add zest or relish to <cynicism spiced with humor — J. W. Dawson> —often used with up

Examples of SPICE

  1. I spiced the chicken with ginger.
  2. <spice the stew with more pepper>

First Known Use of SPICE

14th century

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