adverb \ˈtwīs\

: two times : on two occasions

: doubled in amount or degree

Full Definition of TWICE

:  on two occasions <twice absent>
:  two times :  in doubled quantity or degree <twice two is four> <twice as much>

Examples of TWICE

  1. I only wore it twice.
  2. He has rehearsals twice a month.
  3. He twice lost to younger opponents.
  4. We visited them twice in 10 years.
  5. The dictionary has been twice updated since 1993.
  6. I've been there at least twice.
  7. He must be twice her age.
  8. The population is twice that of Canada.
  9. The new one costs about twice as much.
  10. He could earn twice his present salary at the new job.

Origin of TWICE

Middle English twiges, twies, from Old English twiga; akin to Old English twi-
First Known Use: 12th century

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