adverb \ˈsim-plē, for 1 also -pə-lē\

: nothing more than : only, merely, or just

: without any question

: in way that is clear and understandable

Full Definition of SIMPLY

a :  without ambiguity :  clearly
b :  without embellishment :  plainly
c :  directly, candidly
a :  solely, merely <eats simply to keep alive> <simply cleaned it up and went to bed — Garrison Keillor>
b :  really, literally <the concert was simply marvelous> —often used as an intensive <simply crawling with geniuses — F. Scott Fitzgerald>

Examples of SIMPLY

  1. Simply add water to the mix and stir.
  2. Simply click on the computer icon and follow the directions.
  3. If he continues to bother you, simply ignore him.
  4. You can order new checks simply by calling or going online.
  5. It is simply a matter of time before something goes wrong.
  6. The instructions are simply written.
  7. He lived simply on the farm.
  8. The diner is called simply Joe's.
  9. Sorry, I can't help you, he said simply.
  10. The problem, put simply, is money.

First Known Use of SIMPLY

14th century

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