adverb \də-ˈrek(t)-lē, dī-, in sense 2 especially də-ˈrek-lē or ˈdrek-lē\

: in a direct way

: in a straight or direct line from a particular position

: without delay

Full Definition of DIRECTLY

a :  in a direct manner <directly relevant> <the road runs directly east and west>
b :  in immediate physical contact
c :  in the manner of direct variation
a :  without delay :  immediately <the second game followed directly after the first>
b :  in a little while :  shortly <we'll be leaving directly>

Examples of DIRECTLY

  1. He refused to answer the question directly.
  2. She said that she wanted to speak to you directly.
  3. The package will be sent directly to your home.
  4. The two accidents are directly related.
  5. Thousands of people were directly affected by the disaster.
  6. Antonyms are words that are directly opposite in meaning.
  7. We parked directly behind the store.
  8. He sat directly across from me at the dinner table.

First Known Use of DIRECTLY

15th century


conjunction \də-ˈrek(t)-lē, dī-; ˈdrek-lē\

: immediately after : as soon as

Full Definition of DIRECTLY

chiefly British
:  immediately after :  as soon as <directly I received it I rang up the shipping company — F. W. Crofts>

Examples of DIRECTLY

  1. I came directly I received your message.

First Known Use of DIRECTLY



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