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noun seem·ing \ˈsē-miŋ\

Definition of SEEMING

:  external appearance as distinguished from true character :  look

Examples of SEEMING

  1. <her altruism is all seeming—she cares only about herself>

First Known Use of SEEMING

15th century

Rhymes with SEEMING



: appearing to be true but not being true or certain

Full Definition of SEEMING

:  outwardly or superficially evident but not true or real <the seeming immortality of our heroes>
seem·ing·ly adverb

Examples of SEEMING

  1. Parents discussed the teacher's seeming lack of interest in the students.
  2. I was fooled by the seeming simplicity of the instructions.

First Known Use of SEEMING

circa 1557

Synonym Discussion of SEEMING

apparent, illusory, seeming, ostensible mean not actually being what appearance indicates. apparent suggests appearance to unaided senses that may or may not be borne out by more rigorous examination or greater knowledge <the apparent cause of the accident>. illusory implies a false impression based on deceptive resemblance or faulty observation, or influenced by emotions that prevent a clear view <an illusory sense of security>. seeming implies a character in the thing observed that gives it the appearance, sometimes through intent, of something else <the seeming simplicity of the story>. ostensible suggests a discrepancy between an openly declared or naturally implied aim or reason and the true one <the ostensible reason for their visit>.
SEEMING Defined for Kids


adjective seem·ing \ˈsē-miŋ\

Definition of SEEMING for Kids

:  apparent 3 <Mom was suspicious of our seeming enthusiasm for work.>
seem·ing·ly adverb


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