noun \ə-ˈpir-ən(t)s\

: the way that someone or something looks

: a way of looking that is not true or real

: the action of appearing : the fact that something or someone arrives or begins to be seen

Full Definition of APPEARANCE

a :  external show :  semblance <although hostile, he preserved an appearance of neutrality>
b :  outward aspect :  look <had a fierce appearance>
c plural :  outward indication <trying to keep up appearances>
a :  a sense impression or aspect of a thing <the blue of distant hills is only an appearance>
b :  the world of sensible phenomena
a :  the act, action, or process of appearing
b :  the presentation of oneself in court as a party to an action often through the representation of an attorney
a :  something that appears :  phenomenon
b :  an instance of appearing :  occurrence

Examples of APPEARANCE

  1. The general appearance of the house is quite good.
  2. The museum restored the painting to its original appearance.
  3. lotions that improve your skin's appearance and texture
  4. You shouldn't judge a man by his appearance.
  5. Have you noticed any changes in her appearance?
  6. He appears to be happy, but appearances can be deceptive.
  7. Their expensive home created a false appearance of success and happiness.

First Known Use of APPEARANCE

14th century


noun \ə-ˈpir-ən(t)s\   (Medical Dictionary)

Medical Definition of APPEARANCE

: the action or process of becoming evident to the senses <the sudden appearance of a rash on the body>
: the outward or visible aspect of something <a tumor with a spongy appearance>
ap·pear \ə-ˈpi(ə)r\ intransitive verb


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