noun \ˈpre-zən(t)s\

: the fact of being in a particular place : the state of being present

: the area that is close to someone

: someone or something that is seen or noticed in a particular place, area, etc.

Full Definition of PRESENCE

:  the fact or condition of being present(see 3present)
a :  the part of space within one's immediate vicinity
b :  the neighborhood of one of superior especially royal rank
archaic :  company 2a
:  one that is present: as
a :  the actual person or thing that is present
b :  something present of a visible or concrete nature
a :  the bearing, carriage, or air of a person; especially :  stately or distinguished bearing
b :  a noteworthy quality of poise and effectiveness <the actor's commanding presence>
:  something (as a spirit) felt or believed to be present

Examples of PRESENCE

  1. <men should watch their language when in the presence of ladies>
  2. <the orchestra's musical director has a very stately presence>
  3. Bacteria sense their neighbors and respond to the presence of others in the colony by exchanging small molecules and bits of proteins called peptides … —Susan Gaidos, Science News, 17 Jan. 2009

Origin of PRESENCE

(see 3present)
First Known Use: 14th century

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