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noun re·pres·sion \ri-ˈpre-shən\

: the act of using force to control someone or something

: the state of being controlled by force

: the act of not allowing a memory, feeling, or desire to be expressed

Full Definition of REPRESSION

a :  the action or process of repressing :  the state of being repressed <repression of unpopular opinions>
b :  an instance of repressing <racial repressions>
a :  a mental process by which distressing thoughts, memories, or impulses that may give rise to anxiety are excluded from consciousness and left to operate in the unconscious
b :  an item so excluded
re·pres·sion·ist \-sh(ə-)nist\ adjective

Examples of REPRESSION

  1. the state's repression of its citizens
  2. They survived 60 years of political repression.

First Known Use of REPRESSION


Other Psychology Terms

fetish, hypochondria, intelligence, mania, narcissism, neurosis, pathological, psychosis, schadenfreude, subliminal
Medical Dictionary


noun re·pres·sion \ri-ˈpresh-ən\

Medical Definition of REPRESSION

:  the action or process of repressing <gene repression>
a :  a process by which unacceptable desires or impulses are excluded from consciousness and left to operate in the unconscious—compare suppression c b :  an item so excluded


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