noun re·straint \ri-ˈstrānt\

: a way of limiting, controlling, or stopping something

: a device that limits a person's movement

: control over your emotions or behavior

Full Definition of RESTRAINT

a :  an act of restraining :  the state of being restrained
b (1) :  a means of restraining :  a restraining force or influence
(2) :  a device that restricts movement <a restraint for children riding in cars>
:  a control over the expression of one's emotions or thoughts

Examples of RESTRAINT

  1. Make sure the child safety restraint is in place.
  2. The prisoner was placed in restraints.
  3. His angry response showed a lack of restraint.
  4. The government has acted with restraint in dealing with this crisis.


Middle English, from Anglo-French restreinte, from restreindre
First Known Use: 15th century
RESTRAINT Defined for Kids


noun re·straint \ri-ˈstrānt\

Definition of RESTRAINT for Kids

:  the act of stopping or holding back :  the state of being stopped or held back
:  a force or influence that stops or holds back
:  control over thoughts or feelings <You're angry, but show restraint.>
Medical Dictionary


noun re·straint \ri-ˈstrānt\

Medical Definition of RESTRAINT

:  a device that restricts movement <restraints such as straitjackets for violent patients>
July 06, 2015
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