verb re·flect \ri-ˈflekt\

of light, sound, etc. : to move in one direction, hit a surface, and then quickly move in a different and usually opposite direction

: to show the image of (something) on a surface

: to show (something) : to make (something) known

Full Definition of REFLECT

transitive verb
archaic :  to turn into or away from a course :  deflect
:  to prevent passage of and cause to change direction <a mirror reflects light>
:  to bend or fold back
:  to give back or exhibit as an image, likeness, or outline :  mirror <the clouds were reflected in the water>
:  to bring or cast as a result <his attitude reflects little credit on his judgment>
:  to make manifest or apparent :  show <the painting reflects his artistic vision> <the pulse reflects the condition of the heart>
intransitive verb
:  to throw back light or sound
a :  to think quietly and calmly
b :  to express a thought or opinion resulting from reflection
a :  to tend to bring reproach or discredit <an investigation that reflects on all the members of the department>
b :  to bring about a specified appearance or characterization <an act which reflects well on her>
c :  to have a bearing or influence

Examples of REFLECT

  1. The old church is reflected in the glass exterior of the skyscraper.
  2. Her book clearly reflects her beliefs.
  3. Where you learned a language is reflected in your accent.

Origin of REFLECT

Middle English, from Latin reflectere to bend back, from re- + flectere to bend
First Known Use: 15th century

Related to REFLECT

image, mirror
See Synonym Discussion at think


transitive verb re·flect \ri-ˈflekt\   (Medical Dictionary)

Medical Definition of REFLECT

:  to bend or fold back :  impart a backward curve, bend, or fold to
:  to push or lay aside (as tissue or an organ) during surgery in order to gain access to the part to be operated on <the pleura were reflected and later closed over the stump>
intransitive verb
:  to throw back light or sound :  return rays, beams, or waves


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