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verb re·build \(ˌ)rē-ˈbild\

: to build (something) again after it has been damaged or destroyed

: to make important improvements or changes in (something)


Full Definition of REBUILD

transitive verb
a :  to make extensive repairs to :  reconstruct <rebuild a war-torn city>
b :  to restore to a previous state <rebuild inventories>
:  to make extensive changes in :  remodel <rebuild society>
intransitive verb
:  to build again <planned to rebuild after the fire>

Examples of REBUILD

  1. He rebuilt his house after it was destroyed by a fire.
  2. They tried to rebuild after the earthquake.
  3. The new owner plans to rebuild the franchise.
  4. The team is rebuilding after losing most of its top players.

First Known Use of REBUILD


Synonym Discussion of REBUILD

mend, repair, patch, rebuild mean to put into good order something that is injured, damaged, or defective. mend implies making whole or sound something broken, torn, or injured <mended the torn dress>. repair applies to the fixing of more extensive damage or dilapidation <repaired the back steps>. patch implies an often temporary fixing of a hole or break with new material <patch worn jeans>. rebuild suggests making like new without completely replacing <a rebuilt automobile engine>.
REBUILD Defined for Kids


verb re·build \ˌrē-ˈbild\
re·built \-ˈbilt\re·build·ing

Definition of REBUILD for Kids

:  to make important repairs to or changes in <I'm rebuilding an old house.>
:  to construct again


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