verb \ˌrē-kən-ˈstrəkt\

: to build (something damaged or destroyed) again

: to find out and describe or show the way an event or series of events happened

Full Definition of RECONSTRUCT

transitive verb
:  to construct again: as
a :  to establish or assemble again
b :  to subject (an organ or part) to surgery to re-form its structure or correct a defect
c :  to build up mentally :  recreate <reconstructing a lost civilization>
re·con·struct·ible \-ˈstrək-tə-bəl\ adjective
re·con·struc·tive \-tiv\ adjective
re·con·struc·tor \-tər\ noun


  1. After the earthquake, many houses needed to be reconstructed.
  2. Archaeologists were able to reconstruct most of the ancient village from their findings.
  3. They are attempting to reconstruct the events that led to the bridge's collapse.

First Known Use of RECONSTRUCT



transitive verb \ˌrē-kən-ˈstrəkt\   (Medical Dictionary)

Medical Definition of RECONSTRUCT

: to subject (an organ or part) to surgery so as to re-form the structure of or to correct a defect


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