adjective prom·i·nent \ˈprä-mə-nənt, ˈpräm-nənt\

: important and well-known

: easily noticed or seen

: sticking out in a way that is easily seen or noticed

Full Definition of PROMINENT

:  standing out or projecting beyond a surface or line :  protuberant
a :  readily noticeable :  conspicuous
b :  widely and popularly known :  leading
prom·i·nent·ly adverb

Examples of PROMINENT

  1. He quickly became prominent in the music industry.
  2. He placed the award in a prominent position on his desk.
  3. He has a prominent nose.
  4. the most prominent peak in the mountain range
  5. … and a small precise mouth he kept pursed over teeth a shade too prominent and yellow. —John Updike, The Afterlife, 1994


Middle English promynent, from Latin prominent-, prominens, from present participle of prominēre to jut forward, from pro- forward + -minēre (akin to mont-, mons mountain) — more at mount
First Known Use: 15th century

Synonym Discussion of PROMINENT

noticeable, remarkable, prominent, outstanding, conspicuous, salient, striking mean attracting notice or attention. noticeable applies to something unlikely to escape observation <a piano recital with no noticeable errors>. remarkable applies to something so extraordinary or exceptional as to invite comment <a film of remarkable intelligence and wit>. prominent applies to something commanding notice by standing out from its surroundings or background <a doctor who occupies a prominent position in the town>. outstanding applies to something that rises above and excels others of the same kind <honored for her outstanding contributions to science>. conspicuous applies to something that is obvious and unavoidable to the sight or mind <conspicuous bureaucratic waste>. salient applies to something of significance that merits the attention given it <the salient points of the speech>. striking applies to something that impresses itself powerfully and deeply upon the observer's mind or vision <the region's striking poverty>.

Rhymes with PROMINENT

PROMINENT Defined for Kids


adjective prom·i·nent \ˈprä-mə-nənt\

Definition of PROMINENT for Kids

:  important or well-known <prominent citizens>
:  attracting attention (as by size or position) :  conspicuous <Long hair covers her prominent ears.>
:  sticking out beyond the surface
prom·i·nent·ly adverb
Medical Dictionary


adjective prom·i·nent \ˈpräm-(ə-)nənt\

Medical Definition of PROMINENT

:  standing out or projecting beyond a surface


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