verb \prə-ˈlŋ\

: to make (something) last or continue for a longer time

Full Definition of PROLONG

transitive verb
:  to lengthen in time :  continue
:  to lengthen in extent, scope, or range
pro·lon·ga·tion \(ˌ)prō-ˌlŋ-ˈgā-shən, prə-\ noun
pro·long·er \prə-ˈlŋ-ər\ noun

Examples of PROLONG

  1. Additives are used to prolong the shelf life of packaged food.
  2. High interest rates were prolonging the recession.

Origin of PROLONG

Middle English, from Middle French prolonguer, from Late Latin prolongare, from Latin pro- forward + longus long
First Known Use: 15th century


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